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Types of Golf Clubs (Iron)

Types of Irons (Irons are literally made out of iron materials)
1 iron = Driving Iron 190M
2 iron = Mid Iron 180M
3 iron = Mashy Iron 170M
4 iron = Mashy Iron 160M
5 iron = Mashy 150M
6 iron = Spade Mashy 140M
7 iron Mashy Niblick 130M
8 iron Pitcher 120M
9 iron Niblick 110M
P/W(Pitching Wedge) 100M
A/W(Approach Wedge) 90M
S/W(Sand Wedge) 80M

The Use of Irons
Irons are used to approach the ball close to the hole. Clubs are selected based on the remaining distance to the hole, not by selecting a certain club for a certain lie(how a golf ball is settled). The club is wide and flat. Therefore, it is used to float the ball on the green or to escape the bunker(sand hazard).

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