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Underestimating screen golf could hurt big time.

▶Preventing injuries by pre-exercise stretching and muscle management
Despite its perceptions for being safe, screen golf leads to repetition of full swinging in short period of time which could stress your back. Especially, in winter when muscle stiffens and lacks flexibility, conducting simple stretching to loosen your body an hour prior to practicing is recommended. Also, one could prevent muscle strains and injuries using muscle management products before and after exercise.
▶Abandon the desire to achieve excessive ball distance during practice
As ball distance is displayed on the screen by number, one may overdo due to greed when the distance does not meet the expectation or is less than others. Excessively trying to enhance ball distance may lead to missed swing as it puts too much power on the arm and back. In this case, the power is then transferred to the wrist, shoulder and back which may lead to worse injuries. Therefore, one should give up trying to over achieve ball distance and engage in practice appropriate for ones skill level.

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